Regarding Game Reviews…

For the few followers I have at the moment I just thought I’d say thanks, it means a lot to me that people have liked what I have written so far enough to follow me. It’s appreciated.

I just thought I’d give you an update on what is to come. Soon I will start posting video game reviews. About five or so years ago I used to write video game reviews on a regular basis for my old account on GameSpot. I loved reviewing games back then, and I wrote about a hundred or so before life took over. I was working insane hours at work, and I had less and less free time as a result. I decided, in the little free time I had, I wanted to actually play the video games I bought, I simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing reviews for them as well, so I stopped.

The last review I wrote was back in 2013, for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It had been two years since I wrote my previous review, and I was rusty. I was happy with what I eventually wrote, but it took me forever and I wasn’t enjoying it. But over the last few months I’ve had an itch to start reviewing games again. WordPress seems to be a great place for me to post the things I like to write, so now seems like the perfect time to start again.

I can’t say how often I will post reviews, not quite yet, but for the most part the reviews will be for new releases, or at least games from the current systems. I hope to eventually post some retro reviews also, but that’s something for the future. I still have lots of old reviews for retro games from GameSpot that I can go back to and polish up to post here if I ever get around to it.

As for my reviews, I just thought I’d do a run down of my scoring system. I personally dislike numerical scoring systems. From past experience I haven’t been short of criticism from people because the scores I gave certain games wasn’t in line with what they wanted. I find that if you place a score at the end of your review 90% of people will just skip straight to the score, ignore what you have actually written, and then complain if they don’t agree with the scores. Reviews are only the opinion of the individual who writes them, I just can’t be bothered to defend the scores I give games every time someone disagrees.

So for my new reviews I’m scrapping scores and using a simply, three grade system:

RECOMMENDED: Games which receive a recommended grade are games I find enjoyable and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest to somebody else to play. Even if it is a game from a genre you may not be the biggest fan of, I would still check these games out.

NOT RECOMMENDED: It’s simple, games which receive this grade are games that I would never recommend to anybody. You’re best off avoiding these games and spending your hard-earned cash on something else.

MIXED: Games which receive a mixed grade are titles which either show a lot of promise, but just fail to deliver on that promise, or titles which may be broken but still hold some value. Generally, if you’re a fan of the genre of the game which receives this grade, you’ll probably still get some enjoyment from it. Everyone else, on the other hand, will want to look somewhere else.

And that’s it. Nothing too complicated. I’m going to keep it as simple as this. I think, based on the descriptions of each grade, these will adequately cover any game I review.

So that’s it. I hope everyone enjoys reading the reviews I post. Hopefully they will lead to even more followers. The first review I will post, which I am currently writing, will be for Final Fantasy XV. Expect it to be posted in the next few days.



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