E3 2017 – My Thoughts

So, E3 2017 has come and gone, and here’s my obligatory E3 run down. I’m not a fan of E3 any more, it used to be the highlight of the gaming year, the event which I watched religiously, paying attention to everything that was announced. Now-a-days I don’t bother watching the press conferences any more; I can’t be bothered watching a businessman who knows nothing about video games go on stage and wave his cock around to impress shareholders who equally know nothing about video games and care only about bleeding consumers dry. E3 used to be everything that was amazing about video games condensed in to 3 days of unadulterated gaming bliss. In 2017 it represents everything that’s bad about video games, with all the needless excess you’d come to expect from an industry that cares more about money than it does about offering quality experiences to consumers.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. I’ll start with a run down of the announcements that interested me the most, followed by a quick analysis of everything else.


Monster Hunter Worlds Announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows

Image result for Monster Hunter Worlds

Since 2008, and the release of Monster Hunter Tri on Wii, the series has seen an increase in both quality and commercial success. Which is a good thing, because Monster Hunter always had potential, it just took a while for Capcom to perfect the formula. In recent times, however, the series has been relegated to portable systems. Not that this is bad in anyway, the PSP and 3DS have been good homes for the series, and titles like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations are arguably the finest entries in the series. Monster Hunter Worlds, just from what we’ve seen so far, looks to be a big shift for the series. It looks like the series is finally moving in to the realms of open world gaming, which I admit I’m not entirely convinced is the best thing for the series, but Worlds does look impressive from what we’ve seen. It’s also coming back to consoles, so I can finally play it again on a TV. I can’t wait for this.


Ni No Kuni II Has a Release Date

Image result

The sequel to my favourite PlayStation 3 game, Ni no Kuni II finally has a release date. It’s coming 10th November, and it’s going to be available on PlayStation 4 and Windows. There’s not much more I need to say about this.


Metroid is Making a Comeback with Two Games

Image result for E3 2017 Metroid

Technically we had a new Metroid game last year, Federation Force for the 3DS, but I don’t think anyone counts that. At E3 this year Nintendo announced two new Metroid titles, Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns. We know nothing about Metroid Prime 4 as of yet, other than the fact that it won’t be developed by Retro Studios, the team behind the original Metroid Prime trilogy. Instead, according to Nintendo’s Bill Trinen, it’s being handled by a “talented new development team”. Also, it’s unsurprisingly coming to the Switch. Unlike Prime 4 we do know quite a bit about Samus Returns. It’s a remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, it’s coming to the 3DS, it’s being developed by MercurySteam, and there’s already footage out there on YouTube. After Metroid: Other M, and the disappointment that was, and Federation Force which nobody asked for or wanted, it seems Metroid is coming back full force. Only time will tell how these games turn out.


Super Mario Odyssey Looks… Odd

Image result

I’m still not entirely sure what I think about Super Mario Odyssey, it looks like it’s going to be an odd one. At the very least it’s going to be different from any Mario game before it. The big feature this time around is Mario’s ability to take control of enemies by throwing his hat at them. I don’t own a Switch, and Mario Odyssey alone won’t be enough to convince me to purchase one, but I’ll sure as hell pick this up when I eventually do purchase one. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as a T. Rex being controlled by Mario?


Insomniac’s New Spider-Man Looks Cool

Image result

Spider-Man has had a history of good games, more so than any other super hero. So I’m not entirely surprised by the newest game for the PS4. Insomniac is a respected developer with a proven track record, and the footage Sony showed at E3 certainly looked impressive. I always take E3 footage with a grain of salt, but I’m open to giving this game the benefit of the doubt. It looks set to be the next great super hero game.


Scorpio Announced as Xbox One X, Release Date and Prices Confirmed

Image result

I have zero interest in the Xbox One X, and I’m not going to discuss why here, but I thought I’d mention it regardless. It’s coming 7th November, and it’ll cost $500 in the USA and £450 here in Britain. Microsoft are touting it as the “most powerful console ever made”, not that I really give a damn about that. If you care about specs, get a PC. Rumours have it that Microsoft will be selling these at a loss. Whether it sells as well as the PS4 Pro remains to be seen. I’m just not a fan on these mid-gen upgrades.


As for Everyone Else…

I’m not going to fully in depth on what the other major studio’s announced this year, so here’s a quick run down of my thoughts.

Ubisoft: The French studio had no surprises, everything it announced was expected and, to be honest, rather boring. Every game the company puts out is the same thing, and even the re-announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2, a game that I’ve wanted to see for years, hasn’t really grabbed my attention quite as much as I thought it would. A bit of a yawn-fest.

Electronic Arts: Much like Ubisoft there were no surprises here either. A new Need for Speed game? Shocker! New maps for Battlefield 1?  So what? Madden 18 has a story mode? Yawn. By this point the lack of originality from AAA publishers just doesn’t surprise me. Sure, the company showed off a new BioWare game, but my interest in BioWare as a company has flat-lined over the last few years. It’s a shell of it’s former self, EA has that effect on the companies it brings in to its Empire. Oh, it also announced a co-op prison break game called A Way Out, which is being made by the guys behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Activision: Again, nothing of note aside from Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2. Both of which will be over-hyped, underwhelming experiences. Everyone is excited to see CoD return to world war 2, but it’ll just be the same old shit with a new skin. Call of Duty lost its credibility years ago.

Bethesda: The announcement of a new Wolfenstein game is always a good thing, but aside from this Bethesda had little to show. Fallout 4 and Doom are going VR, The Evil Within gets a sequel, a new standalone Dishonored game and Nintendo-themed skins for Skyrim on Switch were the other things it announced. Nothing special or noteworthy.


Anyway, those were my thoughts on E3 2017. There’s nothing more I feel like adding.



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