Essential Japanese Role-Playing Games – EarthBound

I induct Nintendo’s SNES classic in to my list of essential Japanese RPGs

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Essential Japanese Role-Playing Games – Panzer Dragoon Saga

Team Andromeda’s classic Saturn RPG becomes the inaugural entry in to my list of essential Japanese role-playing games.

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Cancelled Video Games I Want to See Return

With the amount of cancelled video games the industry has seen over the years, I’m sure there are plenty of games that have been cancelled which you wish weren’t. Here is a list of cancelled video games I want to see make a return, even if the chances of them making a return are almost […]

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E3 2017 – My Thoughts

So, E3 2017 has come and gone, and here’s my obligatory E3 run down. I’m not a fan of E3 any more, it used to be the highlight of the gaming year, the event which I watched religiously, paying attention to everything that was announced. Now-a-days I don’t bother watching the press conferences any more; […]

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Allow Me to Talk About the Sega Mega CD

When I wrote my blog about my three favourite, underappreciated consoles I considered including the Mega CD, but I chose against it because despite housing games of its own it was just an add-on for an already existing console. But I like the Mega CD too much to pass on an opportunity to talk about […]

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My Neo Geo Games

I’ve been playing my Neo Geo AES quite a lot recently, so I thought I would post some pictures of the Neo Geo AES games I own. I don’t have many AES games, but I do plan on buying some more when I go to Japan again in October. All the games I own for […]

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